OPEN LETTER Conflict Russia Ukraine

07 2022

OPEN LETTER Conflict Russia Ukraine

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Alternativa Monarchica
Reggenza Nazionale P.d.A.M.


Subject: Conflict Russia Ukraine

It is my personal opinion that the further invasion of Ukraine by Putin's Russia has nothing to do with historical, ethnic or anti-neo-Nazi claims but simply with the fact that Putin's oligarchy does not work. Vladimir Putin changed the constitution in order to stay in power, which effectively makes him a dictator, and he concentrated power in his own hands and those of his circle of acquaintances and the profits, instead of being reinvested in Russia, are too often hidden in secret accounts in the banks of tax havens. Invading Ukraine Putin lost his face, he lied to the whole world, including the Russians, and will probably spell his political end. Nobody seems to remember that in 1994 Ukraine ceded its former Soviet nuclear warheads to Russia in exchange for a non-aggression pact, and that the Eastern European countries that joined NATO did so as countries finally free from the Russian Soviet yoke, the same one that Putin evidently would like to exhume. The further invasion of Ukraine is only a way to divert the attention of the Russians from the inequality, from the brutal methods adopted to counter the political opposition and from the countless very serious unresolved problems but above all it serves to conquer the raw materials of Ukraine, and these too will end in the hands of Putin's oligarch friends, while Russian soldiers will continue to kill and die on the ground, without any benefit. Putin, a son of the Soviet KGB, did not calculate that his soldiers are not children of his generation who were brainwashed by Communist propaganda but young people of the 21st century who access information directly and who understand very well that the strategy adopted is completely out of time and, if it was not acceptable in the 30s of the last century when was adopted by Nazi Germany and Communist Russia when they invaded Poland in 1939 triggering the Second World War, it is certainly not acceptable today.


1st in Europe for proven reserves of uranium ores.
2nd place in Europe (10th place in the world) for titanium ore reserves.
2nd place in the world for explored reserves of manganese ores.
2nd largest iron ore reserve in the world.
2nd place in Europe for mercury ore reserves.
3rd place in Europe (13th in the world) for shale gas reserves.
4th place in the world for total value of natural resources.
7th place in the world for coal reserves.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
Chairman of the Partito della Alternativa Monarchica

Source by Partito della Alternativa Monarchica

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