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Facebook Italy stinks of republic

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For the umpteenth time Facebook places restrictions on some of the monarchical pages that I manage directly, consequently it is necessary to clarify some concepts and give clarification on some facts. The reason for Facebook's fury against some monarchists in Italy is obvious, we want the restoration of a Monarchy; in the present specific case it is that presumably that they are aware, through espionage, of a very legal activity in preparation with the Partito della Alternativa Monarchica (Party for the Monarchist Alternative), an absolutely legal party and which, it should be clarified, does not receive any State funding. This further restriction (we have been blocked many times) in which the possibility of posting on specific pages without giving reasons is denied, demonstrates not only a continued violation of the political rights of the individual and of legal political organizations, of privacy, a political persecution and political discrimination but also the mediocrity and State servility of those who manage Facebook, that is the Italian State Police that has this spying power, and obviously of political interference, following the agreement of the then Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni (whose thickness we also remember for the Biondi decree on the abolition of pre-trial detention, which let the corrupt politicians of the Tangentopoli huge scandal out of prison), and the agreement between the Postal Police and Facebook against cyber criminals; And this is when in a democratic State the police forces cannot support political activity! In addition, these culturally deficient clearly do not get that supporting Monarchy as an institution is not a crime and that if they treat us as if we were criminals, they themselves become a criminal side, precisely for the violation of the rights listed above. A State that adopts illegal measures of this kind is a criminal State, even when it comes to relatively small things like Facebook pages. This attitude of abuse is confirmed by the arbitrary arrests of monarchists, as occurred for example in 2006 (50 years of Italian Republic) in conjunction with the arrest of Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy. Here I clarify that when someone fights for the affirmation of the institutional legality of a Country, it’s for the dignity of all its citizens and, in the case of Italy, this includes the republicans and all the forces opposed to the Monarchy that still is , regardless of opinions, that is, as an immutable fact, the legal institution in Italy, while the Republic remains a "de facto" institution, never legally proclaimed and, apart from colossal fraud with over 2 and a half million invented votes and referendum law not applied, this was imposed with the coup of 12/06/1946 and not with the referendum of 02/06/1946 as many ignorant still believe today. The legality of the institution and the history of events concerning goes beyond the will or opinion of individuals and consequently when the current Italian republican institutions rage against the monarchists, who like myself ask only for legality, place themselves in one a state of inferiority worse than that resulting from their coup d'état origin. It will certainly not be individuals who represent institutions whose republican history of extreme corruption is evident to everyone, who will change history, the facts or the monarchical political activity that is mainly aimed at making justice prevail.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

P.d.A.M.’s Chairman

Source by Partito_della_Alternativa_Monarchica

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